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MacDirectory iPad Edition: Taylor Swift Interview

MacDirectory Magazine Releases New iPad Edition: Taylor Swift Interview, Apple Watch, Apple vs Google, The Bryan Brothers Talk About Tennis, Apple and more.

Florida, Miami—February 9th, 2015—MacDirectory Magazine announced today that American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is featured on its iPad interactive edition cover.

The new edition is available only for iPad users worldwide. Taylor Swift shares her thoughts about her music, career and personal life. “I've been clinging onto my self-awareness for a long time and I'm not willing to lose that” stated Taylor.

"We are thrilled to feature Taylor in MacDirectory. She brings a new level of creativity and connection with her fans, making her the biggest pop star today,” said Markin Abras, MacDirectory’s CEO. "And once again MacDirectory is proud to publish insightful and relevant writing to the Apple community.”


MacDirectory Magazine new iPad edition features over 100 pages of interactive stories including a complete rundown on the Apple Watch, plus the following stories:

Departments Apple Bites News Updates:

  • Apple CEO: I’m Proud to Be Gay

  • Apple Quietly Parts Ways With Bose

  • Apple Makes History in Europe’s Bond Market

  • Apple Stealthily Opens Seattle Location

  • Blocking of Apple Pay Sparks Antitrust Investigation

  • Fitbit/HealthKit Incompatibility Irks Users

  • Former Apple Executive Jailed

  • News for Touch ID Users

  • Owners Debate Issue With 128 GB iPhone 6 Plus

  • Unsealed Court Docs Reveal Apple Privacy Agreement

Advances Advances in Technology and Science:

  • 5-Time Faster High Speed Wi-Fi

  • Apple Watch, Watch out!Breakthrough in Solar Energy

  • New Phone Screen Technology To Extend Battery Life

  • New Social Computer Game Detects Classroom Bullies

  • Sony Invests in e-Paper Watch

Faces Who is Making an Impact in Our World Today? 

  • Andrew Connolly

  • Casey Gerald

  • Dr. Francis L. de los Reyes III

  • Eman Mohammed

  • Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Majora Carter

History Travel Back in Time:

  • 5 Months Ago: Journey to the Center of the Earth

  • 5 Years Ago:: Apple App store is a huge success

  • 50 Years Ago: New York World Fair: Space Age and Baby Boomers

  • 500 Years Ago: Battle of Orsha

  • 5000 Years Ago: Age of Writing

Just Released New & Cool:

  • Adidas Originals Collection Phone Cases

  • Booq’s Messenger Boa Nerve

  • iShower2 by iDevices

  • JBL Horizon

  • Mo-Fi Headphones by Blue

  • Rapoo e6700 Touchpad Keyboard

Magical Tips & Tricks iPad Tips by

  • Best iPad Apps of 2014

  • How To Manage Which Apps Use Background App Refresh on the iPad

  • How To See Which Apps Are Using the Most Battery on the iPad

  • iOS 8: Start Website-Specific Searches From The Safari Address Bar

Safeguard Keep your Apple Products Safe:

  • How to Avoid 5 Common Username Mistakes

Columns: Apple Analysis Intelligent Apple Analysis:

  • Apple Pay: Billion Dollar Business?

  • How Big is iCloud?

  • How Many iOS Devices will be Produced in 2015?

  • Measuring the Apple Watch Opportunity

Curiosities Unlock your Curiosity:

  • Deodorant that Alerts You When You Smell!

  • Handy iPhone Dock Fan

  • NASA Releases Free Sounds from Space

  • New Jeans Stop Hackers Getting in Your Trousers

  • Old Batteries Can Power Slums

  • 'Spider-Man' Gloves Created

iGossip Latest juicy gossip from Apple celebs:

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Play Whistleblower Edward Snowden

  • Matthew McConaughey Honored with Hollywood Walk of Fame

  • Jared Leto to Play Joker in 'Suicide Squad'?

  • Beyonce Highest Paid Female Music Artist of 2014: Forbes

  • Amanda Bynes Offered Bartending Job in LA

iHealth Stay Fit & Healthy with our iHeath Report:

  • Brain Surgery Can Cure Phobias

  • Chronic Fatigue Proven to Cause Brain Abnormalities

  • Dozens of New Genes Linked to Autism

  • Genes May Give Edge in Ebola Survival

  • Microsoft Helps Blind People Navigate in Cities

  • Should You Drink Milk?

  • Study Suggests People Do Love Their Pets Like Their Children

  • TV Watching Can Predict Eye Diseases

iLearn MacDirectory Video Awards for Creativity & Intelligence:

  • Adrift

  • Idiots

  • QUIK


Insane Videos Worth Watching:

  • iPhone 6 Drop Test

  • iPhone High Speed Footage

  • iPhone Secrets: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

  • Steve Jobs Rare Video

Podcasts Enlightening Podcasts:

  • The Forgotten Online Pioneer, Bill von Meister

  • The Creation of Netscape

Siri The Unexpected Side of Siri:

  • 2014 Financial Results

  • Apple Customers

  • Breakthroughs

  • Shopping Spree

  • Why Apple Created Siri

Reviews Product Reviews from MacDirectory Experts:

  • Adobe Elements & Premier

  • Apps Reviews

  • Beesy: Boost your Business Productivity

  • Bowers & Wilkins: Portable Bluethooth Speakers

  • Camelio Tablet: Vivitar’s Camelio for Kids & Parents

  • Games: Fun Games & Gadgets

  • G-Technology: External Storage Solutions

  • Instant App:  Fotolia is Ready for the Future

  • I Love Prepaid: Why Switch to Prepaid Phone Plans

  • Multi Tools: LethermanMulti Tools

  • Roxio: Toast Titanium 12: Keeping Optical Relevant

  • Tips: Our Tips for iOS 8

Insighs Intelligent Insights:

  • App Store vs Google: Uncommon Comparisons

  • Facebook & Twitter: The Future Through Acquisitions

  • iPhone Compared: A Closer Look on Apple’s iPhones

  • iPhone Production: How is the iPhone Made?

  • Smartphone Wars: The next Mobile Frontier

Exclusives MacDirectory Exclusives:

  • 918 Spyder: Meet the New 2015 Porsche

  • 10 Ways Apple Changed the World

  • Apple in India: A Thriving Market

  • How does Apple Watch compare with the competition? 

  • The Exquisite Illustrations of Melkor 3D

  • The Bryan Brothers Talk About Tennis and Apple

  • Taylor Swift Interview

Guides Special Guides:

  • MacDirectory Buyers Guide: Tech Madness

  • MacDirectory Music Top Downloads

  • Travel Guide:  Travel in Style

Availability & Compatibility

Download MacDirectory Magazine iPad edition for free through Apple’s iTunes store. MacDirectory iPad edition requires Apple’s iPad with iOS 5.0 or later. Size: 13.6 MB Languages: English, Arabic, Bokmål, Norwegian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

About MacDirectory Magazine

MacDirectory is the only Apple lifestyle magazine for Apple and Macintosh users worldwide providing intelligent, entertaining, and compelling stories. MacDirectory leads the iPad interactive magazine revolution with its advanced technology in design and animation.

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