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Images for $1. Always. 


Often the right decision is the simple decision. Unfortunately, in stock imagery, there’s no such thing as “a simple decision”. Complex plans, payments, and choices, even when created with the best of intentions, are no longer designed to be understood at a glance. Finding the best deal is a lottery. What if there was now an easy option in stock images, offering a choice that was crystal-clear; yes-or-no; black-or-white - obvious? And what if there was one price, one offer, one company, heralding the return of simplicity and value?


The Dollar Photo Club propositions


Simple: One low and affordable monthly membership fee of $10 gives 10 downloads, and access to millions of high quality royalty-free images with a simple buy and download website. Additional downloads purchased for photos and vectors are only $1 – always!


Exclusive: Invite only. Only a limited number of memberships will be offered and accepted. New exclusive Everlasting Downloads feature on every membership means unused downloads never expire – ever! Unused downloads can be kept forever, even after membership is over.


Value Driven: Over 26 million premium images with 100,000+ more added weekly. No hidden fees or commitments.






Fotolia LLC




41 East 11th Street, 11th Floor




New York







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