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Reliable External Hard drives and SSDs for Professionals

For 25 years Glyph has been manufacturing external storage products that have evolved with the complexity of workflows in the marketplace. With content creators in mind it is our passion to produce the best products to support their ongoing projects.  


 At The Studio

At the very core of the Glyph product family is the studio line. This product line has legacy connectivity and up to thunderbolt 2 speeds. It is based on providing a secure system for capturing, storing and working on your data in your studio environment.  With professional-grade power supplies and autonomous cooling systems, these drives are put together with a heavy workflow in mind, not to mention the archiving capabilities.

Into The Wild

We started to work with a rugged line when we noticed that people wanted our technology in the field with them. With our line of the Blackbox, Blackbox Plus and Blackbox Pro we’ve been able to take the same workflow story in the field, with 3.1 USB-C connectivity, and a wide range of capacities. You can have up to 32TB on the studio line and up to 8TB on the rugged line.

Content creators are constantly seeking a faster more efficient workflow, especially as media is advancing; we have to be one step ahead of them. We’re seeing that more and more people are creating complex content in the field. People are shooting drone videos and 4k more than ever and everyone that used to be just a casual consumer of content is now becoming a producer of content.


In Your Pocket

Our Atom line of solid state drives is what we developed and launched last year, which has capacities up to 2TB, and USB 3.1 Gen 2 connectivity. In this product line we have the Atom, with transfer speeds up to 480 MB/s and up 2TB of product that fits right in your pocket. The Atom RAID has 860 MB/s transfer speeds that you can do live editing of 4k video in the field and bring it back into the studio where you have the foundation of your projects.

We are aggressive in playing our part in the evolution of content management, content strategy and content storage. So we’ve gone from in the studio, into the field, in the wild and into your pocket. With American-made products, our brand is built for those that are seeking a high quality solution from a company that shares the same passion and dare we say “drive” as they do.


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