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Jill-e Designs: Sophisticated Bags for the Tech Savvy



Founded in 2007, Jill-e Designs creates bags and carriers in smart and stylish designs for daily use, tailored specifically for digital and mobile devices. Today everyone has a mobile device, typically a device they can’t live without. They need a way to carry them, protect them, easily access them, and keep them organized with all of their other everyday items. We satisfy these needs.


What makes Jill-e Designs Bags Unique?


  •  Protect your digital and mobile devices with a relevant, high-performance product that keeps its contents secure

  •  Organize your devices, making them easily accessible

  •  Deliver a timeless, classic, yet on-trend look … we call it “future classic”

  •  Insist on quality – in materials, workmanship and customer service


Originally a pro camera bag company, Jill-e combines what they learned satisfying demanding, creative photo professionals with an understanding of new trends and needs. The result is evident in every bag they make today – for mobile devices, for photo equipment, for travel, for the office, for a night on the town, for outdoors, for college, for everyday use. Jill-e offers the perfect blend of style, function, protection and classic appeal.


Jill-e Designs

Phone: 888-445-4553



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